With the industrial waste breaking the records and the oceans and water bodies being polluted to the verge of disappointments, we can no longer stick to the fact that we still have at least 1% of fresh water for consumption. There is a need to change the way we are living our lives and consuming the resources without seeing the future of sustainability. Here are some tips to make a cleaner and better environment for ourselves as well as the other species on this planet.

Cut out the plastic

This is probably the most important concern which is responsible for the death of several underwater species. Plastic production is not ready to stop, and unless we stop using as much plastic as we can opt for biodegradable materials. There are companies who are encouraging plastic-free environment by producing quality products with alternative materials. Using such products will help greatly in an ecofriendly lifestyle.

Cut out the plastic

Conserve energy

The simplest way you can save energy is by remembering to switch off the electrical appliances when you do not need them. The lighting itself accounts for over 40% of the electricity consumption. Switching off the lights every time you leave the room is a habit which will conserve the amounts of energy you cannot imagine.


Using cold water for washing your clothes can help in saving up the energy that goes into the washing machines. This will reduce the amount of energy consumption to up to 80%, which is a good way of sustainable usage.

Recycle the products

When you are using plastic, paper, electronics, etc. try to weigh down the burden of its production by recycling whatever you can. The plastic bottles are easy to recycle. Instead of purchasing bottled water from the stores every day, you can carry your own water bottle from home. Also, learn to dispose of the batteries properly as they emit fumes which are dangerous for the environment.

Use solar energy

Solar energy has developed a lot in the past two decades and is now available for home purpose as well. You can install solar panels on your roofs and create your own energy to cut down the use of energy from the power plants. It will not only help in saving the environment but also in reducing your electricity bills and shrinking the carbon footprint.


Carpool is a great way of cutting down traffic as well as fuel emissions. If you have friends or colleagues going in the same direction, choose to travel together in one car rather taking a car each. You can share the fuel prices for the rides as well as reach your destinations earlier if your society is also carpooling. Many business organisations also support this idea and encourage the workers to share a ride.