If you live near the woods or a rich wildlife forest, your backyard can become home or a refuge to small wildlife species without your information. You can also have frequent visits by bigger animals if you have deers or bears in your area. If you do not want to chase them away and want them to enjoy there time while they are near your house, you can plan a few things to make your backyard friendly and interesting for them. Here are some of the tips to create wildlife-friendly gardens.

Redesign your lawn

You will have to make a few changes in the lawn and fences to make it safer if an animal tries to cross. Plant more plants, shrubs, and even trees at your lawn to provide shelter to the birds and animals which prefer higher grounds. Do not use loose wires and sharp edges that might cause harm to animals while crossing. Do not use fertilizers on plans which can be toxic for the wildlife.


Use bird feeders

The easiest and quickest visitors to your backyard will be the birds. Install a bird feeder to always keep some water and food for them, especially during the summer season. You can even make a bat house, butterfly house, and a water bath for the birds where they can chill out during the summer heat.

Small animals

Smalls animals can go unnoticed and often become food for the higher food chain animals. To provide shelter to the small animals, first, find out if you are ready to keep animals like frogs and squirrels in your backyard. Make wooden furniture for the animals where they can take rest or make homes. Keep enough food source for all animals will need you to keep a batch of insect family in your yard as well. Do not chase off the grasshoppers and ants as they can be nutritious food for other animals.

Attracting birds

Attracting birds

The best moments when you want to attract birds is during the nesting season. During this time, the birds look for protective environments, and you can create one for them by doing a few things while avoiding a few. Sound of water will attract the birds. You can keep an artificial waterfall in your backyard, or a simple drip hose will do the work. Do not trim the trees during this season as the birds prefer more privacy and will choose their homes accordingly.

Design well

Create a platform far enough to not invade animals when they are exploring your backyard. Construct a higher ground platform or simply enjoy the view from your balcony. Make your backyard look more attractive by placing real rocks and making a small fountain. You can use bird magazines or browse the internet for what the birds like for staying and eating to plan your supply better.