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Education Resources

On this page you will find some education resources and useful information to help guide your environmental education and provide ideas for future activities. 

BioWhat? ImageBioWhat? - Learning About Biodiversity

Are you looking for a teacher resource that will help your primary students better understand the importance of biodiversity?

BioWhat? is a teaching resource that has been designed to start primary schools on the road to discovering the meaning of biodiversity for their schools and local area.  It encourages networking between schools and community groups, both locally and globally.

Students, teachers, parents and local community members set goals, research and take action to make real changes to protect biodiversity where they work and live.

For more information contact the Urban Forest Biodiversity Program on 8278 0600 or download the interactive PDF to start your journey.


Zoom Lens ImageZoom Lens - Widening the View

The Zoom Lens Project has been designed for upper primary students and provides a framework that leads teachers and students towards greater understanding of themselves as PART of and PARTNERS in their environment.

Zoom Lens is based on the fundamental belief that people learn more effectively when they feel a sense of belonging and are valued by the contributions they make. Every student involved in the Zoom Lens Project has the opportunity to be ‘the expert’ on the animal they are studying, and as the project ‘zooms out’, their contribution continues to be valued as it becomes part of the ‘bigger picture’.

It is at this ‘bigger picture’ stage that the Essential Learnings, Interdependence and Futures, come into focus. They are critical to our understanding of the world we live in and the future world we would like to be living in.

For more information contact the Urban Biodiversity Unit on 8278 0600 or download the teacher notes and species cards from HERE to make a start.

This new set of teacher notes, maps, extension activity and resource links to the Zoom Lens Project by taking your class on our Zoom Trail through the Museum's SA Biodiversity Gallery. Students will be able to take classroom learnings in the field, to see their animals on display in habitat cases... or use the SA Museum field trip resource as a kick off to start your Zoom Lens journey.

Families are also encouraged to download the species cards and Zoom Trail Map & Key to make their own outing educational and fun!

Threatened Species Fact Sheets (Flora and Fauna)

from the DEWNR website are available for higher level students at:

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