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How You Can Get Involved

Helping to conserve Adelaide's biodiversity now is an important step towards creating a more sustainable city and protecting our valuable flora and fauna so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.If you would like to get involved then there are many ways that you can help. Listed below are a few options that we hope you will consider.



Attend a planting day with the Million Trees ProgramVolunteering

The SA Urban Forests - Million Trees program is run in conjunction with the Urban Forest Biodiversity Program.  It is dedicated to planting three million local native trees and associated understorey species across the Adelaide Metropolitan Area by 2014, restoring approximately 2,000 hectares of native vegetation, restoring habitat and offsetting carbon emissions.

During the year there are opportunities for volunteers to help the Million Trees Program at events held at various sites across Adelaide. People of all ages, cultural backgrounds and professions are invited and whatever time you can give will be appreciated, whether it is regular time during the year or only a few hours in one day. Planting events run from June through August, and corporate group inquiries are welcome.

By signing up as a Friend of the Urban Forest you can be kept informed of its activities, or you can look at its calendar of events by visiting its website HERE.


Help to Grow a Great School

You can help your local school to get involved in the Grow A Great School (GAGS) initiative run by the Million Trees Program.  Funding can be provided to help return some of Adelaide's local native plants to school grounds.

By developing a butterfly garden, indigenous bushtucker trail or frog pond schools can support native wildlife and create an outdoor classroom that can help their students connect with nature. More information about the Grow A Great School initiative can be found HERE


Support your local Friends of Parks group

Friends of Parks groups play a valuable role in the conservation, protection and improvement of our parks and reserves. These volunteers are passionate about improving their local environment, which collectively makes a big impact on the environment across our state.

For more information about Friends of Parks groups and other conservation volunteering opportunities visit the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) website HERE



Create a Backyard for Wildlife

If you don't have time to volunteer, why not consider supporting Adelaide's biodiversity through your own garden? Just check out the five basic principles of a Backyard for Wildlife and find out how easy it is to turn your garden into a wildlife friendly space!

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Page last updated - Wednesday 10-Aug-11