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Blue Wren CartoonFree Colouring in Pages

Garden with Habitat (pdf)
Colour in this wildlife friendly garden and cut out and stick our BFW crew where they might live.

Garden without Habitat (pdf)
Help our BFW crew find some habitat by drawing in some local native plants, dead logs, rocks and ponds.

NEW... our BFW Crew Pages!
Superb Fairy-Wren, Sedge Skipper, Banjo Frog, & Marbled Gecko

Zoom Lens Species Pages (pdf)
The Zoom Lens Project engages students in a hands-on approach to recreating habitat for Adelaide’s local fauna species, through learning about their animal and its habitat requirements, recreating this in a model form and sharing their learnings with the class. Linkages with the Grow A Great School Program to create habitat in your schoolyards as well as a pre- or post-lesson field trip with actiivities in the South Australian Museum's Biodiversity Gallery.


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