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Have you checked out the NEW Backyards 4 Wildlife Garden Design Fact Sheets?

The Urban Biodiversity Unit has developed a series of fact sheets outlining five different styles of garden designs incorporating local indigenous plants that will suit most suburban areas.

Why Local Natives?

Native plants are becoming increasingly popular in private gardens these days as they:
• Reduce your plant miles and ecological footprint
Reduce water and fertiliser use
• Require little maintenance
• Provide habitat for wildlife and conserve local species in your own gardens
• Reduce backyard weed escapees into bushland
• Produce some bush food for yourself and the native animals that once lived in your suburb
• Look great, with a wide array of colourful flowers and interesting forms!

What can a native garden look like?

Find out how you can plan the type of garden you want in your space requirements using local native plants. Start with our Garden Design Factsheet overview and get more specific as you know what style you are looking for, with 5 templates in the factsheets provided for you below!Courtyard Garden Design Model

  1. Courtyard Gardens
  2. Bush Gardens
  3. Contemporary Gardens
  4. Cottage Gardens
  5. Formal Gardens


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Page last updated - Tuesday 14-May-13