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Biodiversity Resources

Please find below a collection of information and resources that may provide you with more information about our local biodiversity.

Please note that these documents are historical, and must be treated as a record of information that may now be dated and no longer factually correct.

Conserving Adelaide's BiodiversityConserving Adelaide's Biodiversity

This publication released by the SA Urban Forest Biodiversity Program (UFBP) in 2001 provides a model for sound urban biodiversity management. A powerful tool for planners, land managers, educators, students, politicians and community groups, this book aims to improve decision making and planning across metropolitan Adelaide. An accurate and comprehensive document for its time, Conserving Adelaide's Biodiversity: Resources contains maps identifying priority vegetation types and remnant vegetation sites, site descriptions, threats to biodiversity, management strategies, species lists and technical information on the region's flora and fauna.

Unfortunately this book is no longer available in print form and due to its age will not be reprinted.  However, please click HERE to view the book in PDF format.

Adelaide Biodiversity BibliographyAdelaide Biodiversity Bibliography

This bibliography published in 1999 covers published and unpublished resources relating to biodiversity issues and conservation in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area. It does not claim to be exhaustive. The resources included have been selected on the basis of how useful the content will be to people working on biodiversity projects in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area. Resources containing relatively little original information or that are largely based on information from other sources have not been included.
The geographical area covered by the Bibliography extends from the Gawler River in the north to the Willunga Scarp in the south and is bounded by the Adelaide coastline on the west and the Hills Face Zone on the east. Some publications relate to the Adelaide Hills as well as the Hills Face Zone. 

Please click HERE to view this PDF format (426kb).

Biodiversity Conservation Brochure SeriesBiodiversity Conservation Brochures

Tailored to specific community, industry and professional sectors, these information sheets identify key issues and suggest practical actions for each group to carry out to assist biodiversity conservation.

Please click HERE to view these brochures in PDF format.





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