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Take some time to look around our website and learn about Adelaide’s biodiversity, find out which local native plants grow in your suburb, and help us to conserve our wonderful and unique local environment by getting involved in some important biodiversity conservation projects happening across Greater Adelaide.


Our plant database is back!

Conserving Adelaide's Biodiversity

Unfortunately, habitat destruction and fragmentation has caused significant biodiversity loss, with many local native species under threat. That’s why biodiversity conservation and management is so crucial to protect and restore a healthy, sustainable local environment for current and future generations... and you can help! The Urban Biodiversity Unit supports the vision that Greater Adelaide is recognised as a clean, green city leading in ecological sustainability.

Looking for the Grey Box Day Plant Sale? Go to www.greyboxcommunity.org to pre-order your plants and pick them up at Belair National Park on May 31st during the community event at the Main Pavillion.

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